Locally owned and operated – serving Middle Georgia for decades

What sets us apart?

  1. We are local. Evergreen Lawn and Garden, Inc., our parent company, has been serving Middle Georgia for decades.
  2. We are ready. Len, our dispatcher, wears his headset wherever he goes so that he can get you the quickest possible turnaround.
  3. We have the assets. Industry standard is 30 cans per truck, but we operate with 20 cans per truck to make sure we can still take care of our customers when things go wrong.
  4. We know the contractor world. Having done landscape installs of all sizes, our family of employees knows the headaches you face. We’re here to eliminate any potential trash problems you may have and work around your unique needs.

Fine Print

We require a $400 deposit for all services. As you can imagine, it can get really hard to get paid after you have already hauled someone’s trash. Thank you for understanding. You can make the deposit via PayPal below. Your credit card will be charged the balance due when weight tickets are available for the landfill.

Size Options

10 Yard Cans

Capacity in pickup truck loads:

Recommended for:
Small houshold jobs the require a small footprint or difficult access

Pricing for single-use dumpster rental:
$425 for 2 weeks and 2 tons

$50/ton after first 2 tons
After two weeks: $50/week & $7.50/day

20 Yard Cans

Capacity in pickup truck loads:

Recommended for:
Concrete, asphalt; brick, tile, dirt; roofing

Pricing for single-use dumpster rental:
$500 for 2 weeks and 3 tons

$50/ton after first 3 tons
After two weeks: $50/week & $7.50/day

30 Yard Cans

Capacity in pickup truck loads:

Recommended for:
Remodels; tree removal; light demolition

Pricing for single-use dumpster rental:
$550 for 2 weeks and 4 tons

$50/ton after first 4 tons
After two weeks: $50/week & $7.50/day

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you get a can to me?
Typically the next business day!

How long is a rental?
Rentals are for two weeks (14 days), and there is no rental fees in excess to the flat fee.  Any additional time is $50/week and $7.50/day. Additional tonnage needs to be $50/ton.

How can I get a price break?
If you intend to pull multiple dumpsters from your site, give us a call to see how we can help. This price point is based on bringing our dumpster to you and having to come back and get it for one fee (i.e., two trips for one pull charge).

How to Order?

Book online below or give us a call at (478) 744-1962.

Price: $ 400.00